The Beef

Our history with the Winn-Dixie brand actually predates our agency’s history:

Robin Shepherd and Tom Schifanella, our owners, started their careers as art directors on the account at The William Cook Agency, and Mike Russell, our president, began his career working in Winn-Dixie’s marketing department. So, it was a real honor and pleasure to find ourselves partnered with the brand again some 30 years after Robin created Winn-Dixie’s Beef People logo.

Southeastern Grocers, W-D’s parent company, asked us to help them refine the Winn-Dixie brand experience in their stores and sales materials. From circulars to signage, we helped introduce a system that elevated the brand without alienating their core shoppers. In addition to Winn-Dixie, we also had the privilege of working with the rest of SEG’s family of grocery brands: Bi-Lo, Harveys Supermarket and Fresco y Más.


Retail Design